How 5G Network Development Will Go Global In 2019


The next generation of mobile internet connection is just around the corner. Carriers, manufacturers, vendors and companies are preparing for the introduction of 5G. If you don’t know what is 5G already, it is the 5th generation of mobile networking technology that promises to bring even faster and more reliable wireless connections across the globe. With testing and small market launches already in progress, we expect to see rapid adoption of the 5G network in 2019. Here are the anticipated 5G network developments coming up in the next year.

A Quantum Lead In Mobile Speed

mobile speed

If you compare 5G vs 4G, the primary difference is connection speed. Companies developing 5G have demonstrated download speeds up to 4.5 gigabits a second. Even if the average 5G speed is 1.5 gigabits, this would still be over 20 times faster than 4G. The increase in speed would have the largest impact on streaming services, video downloads or transferring large files. Since our mobile apps rely on high speed connection for user experience, 5G software companies can drastically improve latency and load times. With the speed difference, mobile users would have nearly instant connections.

5G Phones Are Ready For Release

5G phones

Of course, the major smartphone companies are preparing for the upcoming 5G network. One of the leaders in 5G technology for smartphones, OnePlus plans to release a very high priced 5G phone this year. Secondly, Samsung is expected to release at least two devices with 5G capabilities. The first Samsung 5G phone will arrive as early as March or April this year. These phones will have a year ahead over Apple and other phone manufacturers who will wait until 2020 to release their own 5G smartphones. Once a few top quality 5G phones are on the market later this year, the rest of the industry will make it the new standard to keep up with the competition.

Expansion Of 5G Commercial Use

5G commercial use

With the increase in speed and relatively slow device adoption rates, we might see 5G technology companies sell to businesses. Companies need reliable and fast speed when they are on the move. Even if their employees don’t have 5G phones, the companies can provide hotspots or modems that would give their teams access to faster speeds. In some instances, it would be faster for an employee to use a 5G hotspot than a local Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, companies are more likely to bear the additional cost because of the increase in reliability and productivity.

5G Software Development Companies

5G software development comany

On top of devices and hotspots, many mobile app developers will be racing to push the limits of 5G. These 5G software companies can create higher quality app or gaming experiences. Due to faster speeds, the opportunity to seamlessly integrate augmented reality and virtual reality are much smoother. Since users will be able to download data, it will be interesting to see all of the innovations in the software industry that take advantage of the new speeds. As third party developers create new experiences on the 5G network, it could incentivize more users to make the switch from 4G to 5G technology.

Early 5G Deployments By Carriers

5G deployment

Some of the top carriers in the United States have already turned on 5G services in select cities. Specifically, Verizon implemented 5G networks in Houston, LA and Sacramento for testing purposes. Additionally, AT&T has deployed 5G technology to a dozen cities in the US, including Atlanta, Raleigh and Dallas. Later this year, other cities like Nashville, Las Vegas and others will also receive the service. The other two major telecom competitors, Sprint and T-Mobile, also have their plans to deploy 5G at smaller scales in 2019. With all the major carriers deploying new networks, it’s easy to see the importance of 5G technology in the upcoming year.

Push For Countries To Introduce 5G

5G worldwide

As carriers compete to deploy the new networks within the US, countries are racing to gain the benefits of 5G technology too. Carriers in almost all regions of the world are planning on launching 5G networks. This year, South Korea, China, Japan and the US are expected to be the leaders. However, other countries like Canada are preparing to auction the frequencies to keep up with the developing global networks. At this rate, 5G could go global almost twice as fast as 4G LTE.

The 5G technology infrastructure is ready to go global in 2019. As explained, the 5G speeds will be significantly faster than previous wireless generations. As the networks are deployed, smartphone companies are already set to release 5G devices. Before 5G is cost effective for the majority of mobile users, businesses and companies will be early adopters. Additionally, software developers will create new solutions to leverage the speed of 5G. As carriers race to turn on new 5G networks, countries are also competing to have the latest 5G mobile technology. In the next year, 5G will go global and receive widespread adoption.