Distillery Makes the Entrepreneur 360 List for the Third Year in a Row!

Distillery is on the Entrepreneur 360 for the third year in a row!

Through dedication, excellence, and a whole lot of hard work, Distillery is thrilled to announce that for the third year in a row, we’ve been honored on the Entrepreneur 360 list!

The prestigious 360 list recognizes 360 small businesses each year that are “mastering the art and science of growing a business.” Entrepreneur uses the metrics of impact, innovation, growth, leadership, and business valuation to determine who makes the cut.

Over the past year, Distillery has continued to extend its reach and further its clients’ success by expanding its service offerings. To continue supporting our clients’ success, we’ve opened offices in two new countries this year: Mexico and Argentina. We now have offices in four countries and are able to offer our clients virtually around-the-clock progress. We’re also executing strategic growth plans in other key markets. 

Distillery Founder and CEO Andrey Kudievskiy is quick to credit his team for the distinction of again making the Entrepreneur 360 list. “We’ve built an incredible team over the past several years, and every one of them shares in this honor. The quality of their product development work drives our continuing growth and success,” says Kudievskiy. 

Distillery first made the list in 2017, repeated the honor in 2018, and has since worked hard to continue deserving Entrepreneur’s recognition. Read on to learn more about what makes Distillery great.

Distillery Can Help Your Business Succeed

Distillery’s product development and software teams can help your business grow and succeed. We now have a team of over 180 employees in six offices across the globe working in project management, UX/UI design, development, and sales.

But our internal growth is a reflection of our clients’ growth and success. Are you in need of engineers to help grow and develop your business? We provide engineering talent to scale, fully integrated with our clients’ teams, tech, and processes.

If custom software development is what you need, we also offer full-cycle, end-to-end custom development.

Our English-friendly, efficient, and reliable engineers offer progress 24/7. We have offices in the US, Mexico, Argentina, and Russia, so work happens while you sleep.

Distillery is the Experienced Design and Engineering Partner You’ve Been Looking For

Starting a new product you need help with? Distillery’s design and engineering teams can collaborate with you from the get-go, whether you’re looking to create a new product from scratch or have a current project that needs updating.

We can assist at any stage in the process, and even help with market research for new products. Let us know your needs and we are happy to help.

More About Distillery

Distillery is an international full-service software design and development company based in Los Angeles, California. We are an award-winning mobile app developer with an absolute commitment to helping our clients succeed.

When entrepreneurs and enterprises need a software development company they can trust to deliver clean, top-quality, no-nonsense work on time and on budget, they call Distillery. We help startups and entrepreneurs to accelerate, scale, grow, and thrive. We help enterprises to expedite development while staying lean and agile.

Our trusted software developers are available to augment our clients’ in-house teams as needed or work with them on a project basis. We provide services related to app and web development, product strategy, data science, user experience, interface design, security testing, IoT, and continuing product development.

More About the Entrepreneur 360

The Entrepreneur 360 is a 360-degree analysis of U.S.-based companies designed to identify the real leaders among entrepreneurs. Unlike other analyses, the Entrepreneur 360 uses quantitative and qualitative info by looking at your hard numbers as well as “soft” determinants such as impact, innovation and leadership.

The Entrepreneur 360 analysis uses a proprietary algorithm and other advanced analytics to calculate the most successful entrepreneurial companies in America. The algorithm is built on a balanced scorecard designed to measure the four pillars of entrepreneurialism – innovation, growth, leadership and impact.