Meet Distillery’s Newest Scholarship Recipient: Andrew Chatman!

Distillery supports the next generation of developers. Meet our newest scholarship winner!

Well-functioning software is vital to keeping our world moving smoothly forward. At Distillery, we do our part by building reliable, secure, thoughtfully designed software that helps our clients build business success. We also do our part by supporting the next generation of developers: students who demonstrate outstanding promise in IT, computer science, or software engineering.

We’re proud to announce Distillery’s newest scholarship recipient, Andrew Chatman. Chatman is a high-performing senior majoring in Physics at Iowa State University. Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 2018, he is the president of the university’s Physics and Astronomy Club. As our scholarship recipient, he will receive $1,000 toward his tuition.

Andrew Chatman

Chatman is passionate about software design and development’s potential for improving the world. In his winning application essay, he reflects on the importance of the developers working in each and every layer of the development stack. After all, countless layers of code go into keeping our devices working properly.

Chatman observes that, though programming languages will continue to evolve, the existing code base will always serve as a foundation for everything to come. As he explains, “This process of building on and improving what came before is, I think, the most important part of software development. While a developer may not become famous, even among other developers, the code they write and the programs they develop can be adapted or improved or incorporated into something that will outlast them. That potential is why I find software development to be the most exciting and promising field.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re proud to support Chatman in making his contribution to the future of software.

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