The Post-Pandemic Benefits of Offshoring Software Engineering Professionals

The idea of offshore software development services has traditionally meant that two teams work separately with minimal collaboration. It typically requires you to send a brief to your offshore contractor and wait for them to deliver it by the deadline. With little to no contact during the development process, it seems as though you magically receive code to use for your project.

While the process has its benefits, it also comes with some drawbacks, such as the lack of a collaborative environment. Fortunately, that approach is now changing for the better with real-time communication structures in outsourced development.

This is especially true in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, where partnering with offshore teams comes with added risk mitigation, cost-effectiveness, and ongoing stability of your operations.

Hiring offshore partners means virtual collaboration

In the past few years, modern offshore software design and development companies have changed their workflow to better suit the ongoing demands of the industry. When you outsource software development to a company with these modern processes, you get talented experts to work with your organization directly. Instead of taking a single outline and returning only when the deliverable is ready, these professionals help you through each step of the software development process.

Whether you need their suggestions on user-interface (UI) design or require their expertise in agile development, these experts are available in a way that’s similar to regular employees. The only difference? They ensure their availability through real-time video calls, voice calls, emails, and instant messaging chats. Whether you need their expertise for a short discussion or stand-up meeting, they make themselves available promptly.

With consistent communication, robust outreach, and frequent collaboration, these professionals can seamlessly become a part of your team. This provides you with a highly skilled workforce and allows you to benefit from a cost-effective approach, optimized operations, and improved service quality.

Offshore software development during COVID-19

The efficacy of offshore solutions is more evident than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, where even traditionally on premise companies are turning to remote operations.

While the move is unprecedented, it is not surprising to see how software companies are embracing the remote work solution. With real-time communication, a remote working environment brings added flexibility to the workflow without affecting the quality of deliverables. Seeing this advantage, it is only prudent for businesses to adopt this modality while adhering to safety guidelines.

When you add the availability of an offshore software development solution to this remote working movement, it brings added efficacy to your overall processes. Additionally, since your operations are not limited to a single location, they are not exposed to being halted by changing local conditions due to COVID-19. Along with this risk mitigation, turning to offshore providers also helps you find sophisticated solutions at lower prices than localized vendors.

Offshore development services open doors to scalability

When you outsource software development tasks, you can access highly qualified professionals without having to go through extensive recruitment processes. This cuts back the time it takes for you to find the perfect match of experts while also reducing the overall cost of hiring such individuals.

In addition to recruitment expenses, hiring offshore professionals helps you with ongoing staffing costs while also maintaining an exceptional service level. The advantage doesn’t stop at payroll — It also extends to other expenses such as insurance and infrastructure. Since those critical aspects are taken care of by the software development firm, it ensures that the experts have the essentials that they need — just not at your expense.

As a result, you can hire a team that is well taken care of during COVID-19 without your business having to invest additional capital to achieve that objective. This brings a certain level of assurance to your business and lets you run a smooth operation without stressing over the added difficulties of the pandemic.

Finding engineers who become your partners

While offshore software development has come a long way, not all providers have designed their services for real-time operations. This makes it critical that you find a software development company that works with new mechanisms in place. This saves you from future issues and provides you with robust functionality during the pandemic and beyond.

At Distillery, we structure our software development outsourcing and IT staff augmentation services for long-term sustainability. This includes the integration of real-time communication and collaboration in each of our projects. Our solutions can help you develop and maintain your projects on time with experienced professionals, dependable infrastructure, and extensive knowledge of the industry.

If you’re looking for a development partner that not only does your coding but also actively participates in the process like a part of your team, Distillery is the perfect fit for you.

Want to see how offshoring software development can help your business? Contact us for more information and to speak with our team!