5 Samsung Galaxy Fold Features That Enhance Mobile Functionality

the Samsung Galaxy Fold enhances mobile functionality

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold provides consumers with a phone and tablet in one device. As an avid mobile user, you might be more excited about this phone than the latest mobile app launch. If you are hoping to purchase a new phone sooner than later, the Samsung Galaxy release date is set for April 26, 2019. In the meantime, you can check out the latest specs and features to consider paying the expected price tag at $1980. Although it is a costly phone, it could eliminate your need for other expensive devices. In this way, it takes mobile phones to the next level for consumers and businesses alike. Read on to discover the top Samsung Galaxy Fold specs and features that enhance mobile functionality.

1. Open-Up Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Fold feature that consumers are most excited about is its open-up screen. The device transforms from a typically sized phone into a 7.3-inch tablet. When you transition into the larger form, you gain a never-before-seen multi-tasking advantage. You can use up to three applications at once. While the multi-tasking might pose some risks to custom app development, the rewards are worthwhile for users. The Samsung Galaxy Fold screen allows you to search for restaurants near you on Google Maps and look up each result’s menu all on the same screen. Undoubtedly, you can complete tasks far more efficiently than a traditional mobile device.

2. App Continuity

The Samsung phone provides consumers with another feature upon opening up the device into its tablet form. In addition to increasing your multitasking abilities, you also obtain the feature of app continuity. App continuity entails a seamlessly fluid shift from display to display, pushing the limits of mobile app development. You can look at Instagram on the smaller screen and flip the phone open to view it on the larger display. Whatever you are viewing on one display transitions over onto the other display seamlessly. Active social media users will appreciate the ability to have their apps transfer smoothly from a smaller to larger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Fold design enhances how users interact with mobile apps, increasing functionality while saving time.

3. Desktop-Like Experience

Another advantageous Samsung Galaxy Fold software feature, it includes a desktop-like experience. With a USB-C, you can connect the device to a display to gain an experience similar to that of a desktop. This feature particularly enhances mobile functionality. A developer who has to prepare for an important meeting or project can work from his or her phone. In the past, you needed to prepare hours in advance because this process required a desktop. With this new mobile software, you can perform many more tasks on your mobile device. The desktop-like experience is yet another feature that enhances mobile functionality.

4. Universal Flash Storage

The Galaxy Fold also offers mobile users Universal Flash Storage. This feature increases operating speeds, which allows you to complete tasks more efficiently. The Universal Flash Storage (UFS 3.0) inhibits expedited data reading within the device, which is why you can operate it so efficiently. In addition to the flash storage, it also contains 512GB of internal storage. Whether you plan to use the Galaxy Fold for business or pleasure, it allows you to browse the web faster than many other mobile phones.

5. Multiple Cameras

Since mobile users use their phone cameras often, Samsung implemented multiple cameras into their Galaxy Fold. The new device contains six cameras between the back and front cameras. The back camera is made up of three lenses. These three lenses include a wide lens, an ultrawide lens, and a telephoto lens. On the front of the phone, you will find another camera that is made up of two smaller cameras. The sixth camera is a single cover camera. With all of these top-notch cameras, you can snap high quality photos and capture your memories sufficiently.

As a mobile user, you gain more than just a phone and a tablet when you purchase a Galaxy Fold. You also gain numerous advantageous features like an open-up screen that allows you to use multiple apps at once. Upon switching between screens, your apps stay in-tact and highly functional. With a USB-C, you can transform your device to provide a desktop-like experience. The Samsung Galaxy Fold maximizes data reading speeds with a Universal Flash Storage as well. Finally, it offers multiple cameras for high-quality photo taking. These are the best Galaxy Fold features that are taking mobile phone usage to the next level.